In Jesus Christ, we are given new life and we joyfully live in God’s name. We tell the Good News and proclaim in Word and Sacrament the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We share in joyful worship, demonstrating our love for one another and for God’s creation, as we practice a life deepened in prayer and service. As God’s stewards, the congregation ministers to the needs of the sick, the poor, the lonely and the powerless, as we commit ourselves in Jesus Christ to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and providing shelter for the homeless. We believe that God is indeed present in our world and works through us so that all people shall be blessed.

When & Where

Main Street, Sundays, 11:00 AM – As the people of God in Jesus Christ, we gather to Worship at 11:00 am every Sunday at our Main Street location. We are a people shaped by God’s activity in the world as revealed in Scripture and understood by faith. We are called to be a sign in and for the world of the new life which God has made available to all people in Jesus Christ. Our Worship includes hymns and scripture, prayer and proclamation, in the reformed tradition.

Unity Chapel, Summer Sundays, 8:30 AM – During Summer, from Memorial day Sunday through Labor Day Sunday, early Worship services are held at Unity Chapel, 130 Chapel Lane, Latrobe. We continue to Worship at Main Street at 11:00 am. You are most welcome at either service.

On the Air and Online – Our 11:00 am Worship service is broadcast live on local radio station 1480 WCNS, Latrobe. The same live audio feed of our Worship service is also streamed online so you can receive the service anywhere in the world where you have internet access. To join us in Worship via the live stream, simply click the LISTEN LIVE button below at the appropriate time.

Worship Service & Sermons