Latrobe Presbyterian Church

Latrobe Presbyterian Church




At the heart of who we are is worship which welcomes persons hungering for more of God. Worship in the Presbyterian tradition is reformed, evangelical and catholic, sharing God's gracious promises in the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. We believe that worship is...


  • at the very heart of the church's life
  • the principal influence that shapes our faith
  • the most visible way we express the faith


The SHAPE of Our Service of Worship


At the heart of our worship is Word and Table, hearing the scriptures read and proclaimed and sharing the meal of thanksgiving we call the Lord's Supper (or Eucharist). So we gather together with prayer and song to be renewed in God's gracious pardon, and we are sent refreshed to love a broken world hungering for God's wholeness.



Basic Movement of the Service for the Lord's Day


With its focus upon scripture and sacrament, the main body of the service moves broadly from hearing to doing, from proclamation to thanksgiving and from Word to Table.


The people gather in response to God's call, offering praise in words of scripture, prayer, and song. The people acknowledge their sinfulness and receive the declaration of God's forgiveness.

The Word


Scriptures are read and their message is proclaimed. Psalms, hymns, spirituals, or anthems may be sung between the readings. Responses to the proclamation of God's Word include expressions of faith and commitment, and the offering of prayers for worldwide and local needs.


The Eucharist


As hearing becomes doing, the tithes and offerings of the people are gathered, and the table is set with bread and wine. The people are invited to the table of the Lord. Prayer is offered in which God is praised for creation and providence, Christ's work of redemption is remembered with thanksgiving, and the Holy Spirit is invoked upon and in the church. The bread is broken, and the bread and wine are served to the people.




The people are sent forth with God's blessing to serve.




The Path to Christian Baptism


The beginning of life is a wondrous miracle. So too, the beginning of spiritual life is a deep mystery that takes form in and through the Sacrament of Baptism. We welcome all who have an interest in learning more how to begin the journey of Christian faith, potentially leading to baptism. If you are such a person, we desire to walk the path of spiritual formation with you sharing together the life-giving story of Jesus. God calls persons of all ages to baptism: infants and young children (through their parents), youth and adults.

Celebrating the Lord's Supper


The Reformed tradition affirms the unity of Word and Table as the central elements of our worship. Our Presbyterian polity affirms that the baptized of all ages, including young children, are welcome at the Lord's Table as members of God's family.


Parents are encouraged to bring their pre-school children back from our nurseries into the worship space so that they are nurtured in the meaning of this meal.



Children Welcome in Worship


We believe that faith is formed and nurtured through participating in worship. Therefore, children of all ages are welcome. At any time, should you or your children have need to leave the service, you are welcome to do so and to return at you earliest opportunity. We have two staffed nurseries for your needs. Older children are encouraged to participate in worship with their parents as an important part of their nurture in the faith of their baptism.