Latrobe Presbyterian Church

Latrobe Presbyterian Church

Special Offerings


Two Cents A Meal


Latrobe Presbyterian Church members are encouraged to put 2 cents aside for each meal, each day of the year. This offering is given to the Presbyterian Hunger Fund.


Blanket & Tool Kit Sunday


Latrobe Presbyterian Church members donate in honor or memory of their mothers and/or fathers. Blankets and tools are purchased and distributed through Church World Service.

One Great Hour of Sharing (more info)


One-third of this offering goes to the Presbyterian Hunger Fund, 1/3 to Self-Development of People, 1/3 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.


Pentecost Offering (more info)


This offering benefits children at risk, youth, and young adults who need financial assistance.


Peacemaking Offering (more info)


Received on World Communion Sunday, 25% of this offering is designated for local peacemaking projects.


Christmas Joy Offering (more info)


This contribution helps retired church workers and Presbyterian ethnic colleges.