Latrobe Presbyterian Church

Latrobe Presbyterian Church

Unity Chapel Repairs


Repairs made possible by the 1984 Unity Chapel Endowment Fund:


  • Landscaping and architectural historic plan developed
  • Historic signs
  • Directional signs
  • Waterline, 2000 feet to Chapel
  • Brick cleaning and pointing
  • Cleaning of soffit and fascia
  • Tree removal and trimming
  • Electric service placed underground and improved
  • New electrical outlets installed in restrooms
  • Air conditioners cleaned
  • Windows upgraded and painted
  • Memorial plaques installed
  • Stone marker above door refurbished
  • Programs with Unity Chapel sketch and history
  • Endowment donation cards printed
  • Reroofing structural study
  • New speakers and PA system
  • Bradford Pear trees planted along roadway
  • New Mahogany front and back doors with hardware
  • Continuing lawn maintenance program
  • New oak tree planted in lawn
  • Refurbishing of glass in sanctuary windows
  • Front side windows replaced to match existing side windows, side window glass replaced where needed; the two leaded stained glass windows at sides nearest sanctuary were removed, redesigned and installed beside front door entrance replacing industrial type obscure glass
  • Pew candle holders
  • Choir area risers
  • Protective storm glass placed on three large sanctuary windows
  • Drive and parking lot sealing
  • Roadway design
  • Refurbish old pulpit, communion table and bibles of Old Unity
  • Brick walkways - Pull off - Front steps
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Auxiliary parking lot paved with lighting
  • Brick walkway to auxiliary parking lot
  • Smoke/Fire protection system installation
  • New roof, soffit and fascia
  • New organ/piano
  • New air conditioning system
  • New sound system
  • Outdoor historical plaque placed
  • restroom upgrading/Hall lighting
  • Ramp for special needs
  • Landscaping entrance & Chapel grounds
  • Entrance gate
  • Palmer Memorial/Flagpole/Historic overlook
  • Window upgrade and painting
  • New bricks for back entrance
  • Four pews secured from the 1830 to 1874 chapel and refurbished, placing three in the choir area and one in the back of the chapel