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Children of today have special ministry needs that require time beyond the typical Sunday School/after school ministries. These youth face problems and stress which, heretofore, have been more common to older teens. These points of stress include: early puberty, family conflict, substance and other forms of abuse, the influence of television and other forms of media, single parent families, "latch-key" children, and many other challenges. Children need to be "anchored" in the congregation through a ministry which meets a wide spectrum of needs in widely varied settings. A strong children ministry builds upon a vital Church School, and adds other programs which enable unusual ministry opportunities. Our church makes the cut-off for Youth Group at Junior High so we need a ministry which welcomes those children of later elementary grades as well as builds enthusiasm for years of participation in the youth ministry of our church.




An integral part of this ministry is KIDS Club. Its goals are to:


  • To deepen the faith and its call to live as Christ's disciples.
  • To experience Christian community and meaningful friendships.
  • To be surrounded by caring, loving, committed adults who model the Christian life and provide a nurturing, fun and safe environment.
  • To learn about and become involved in mission to neighbors and strangers.
  • To share our enthusiasm with Latrobe Presbyterian Church


KIDS CLUB is led by a team of dedicated adults including staff, parents, and others concerned with youth who, together, shape meetings and events that nurture our children in the faith of their baptism. While our ministers serve as staff resource to this ministry, its success depends upon adults (often parents) who are willing to contribute to planning and leading events.


KIDS CLUB meets twice a month on a schedule that takes into account other church activities, school events, and family schedules (insofar as this is possible). This ministry is sensitive to the existing stress on families and does not want to add to it. Rather, this ministry seeks to provide appropriate ways to meet the needs of the family by meeting the needs of our 4-6 graders. This ministry is made possible by a bequest in memory of Martha Beatty, a long time member who loved children.